Two Other Options for Tiny Plants

I’m still mulling how to handle tiny, fiddly plants.  I’ve come up with two solutions, both viable.

First option:  Make the fiddly bits over-one.  This would mean stitching stems and leaves over two threads of the fabric and the more detailed tiny flowers over one thread, allowing for greater resolution.  While I’m unaware of any Gerda Bengtsson design that calls for mixed work, this is not unheard of.   The gorgeous bird designs from Crossed Wing Collection often employ this strategy, to good effect.  This is part of a big bell-pull I’ve been working on for years:

over-oneNotice that the holly berries are stitched over just one thread.  Very life-like!  If charted for over-two work, they’d be crude and very square, with little or no shading.

The drawback to this approach is that it would make the designs unstitchable on Aida fabric, as the little squares in Aida can’t be subdivided.

The other way to skin this particular cat would be to simply not put the tiny plants in the same project as the big ones.  I could put all the bluets, pimpernels, drabas, veronicas, hedge hyssops, and other squee-worthy belly-botany items in their own design and allot all the stitches needed to do them justice, without including larger plants that would become HUGE stitched to the same scale.

Sort of a “you must be this small to go on this ride” scenario.

What to do, what to do?