That Program is Smarter Than I Am

I whined in my last post about how the fruit of that vetch weren’t rendering in the proper color. I should have taken it as a warning that I was doing something wrong.

Last week I spent several hours pulling all the now-spent, yellowed, and tall-enough-to-get-a-nastygram-from-the-city-or-the-HOA vetch out of the lawn. I had ample opportunity to note that the fruit only look like little snow peas for a short while. Mature, they are proportionately longer and thinner, and they’re a deep brown so dark it is almost black. I had certainly mis-remembered!

I am going to have to redo that chart if I want it to be accurate for mature fruit. However, since the flowers on the charted plant are still very much fresh and the stem tips are unexpanded, it would not be unreasonable to think my plant might have immature fruit. I think I’ll leave the fruit as is and put mature fruit on the next vetch.