There Must Be Bluets

I’ve been pondering bluets…  They’re tiny, delicate, and gorgeous.


Whatever else, there must be bluets.

The Draba I’ve been working on (and I still have plans to revisit the first, larger one and un-stiffen it up a bit) turned out fairly well drawn actual size or a tad bigger and charted straight onto 16-count graph paper.  It can be one of the smallest plants in a lineup of actual-size plants.

That won’t work for bluets.  The flowers are so small that if I were to draw them life-size and go straight to graph paper, the flowers would each come out crudely and be made up of about six stitches.  Not good enough!

My plan now is to draw them two or more times life-size, chart them on 16-count graph paper, and then stitch them over-one, so they will end up tiny.  They can be stitched by themselves, they can hang out with other tiny plants (golden hedge-hyssop, I’m looking at you…), or they can be stitched over one in a design with big guys.

Here is my first set of sketches.  The plants can be a little fuller or a little less branchy, so these are about average.  This is Houstonia pusilla.  The other two local species are different as to color and proportion.

bluet sketch

You never really see something until you draw it.