The Bluets Are Popping Up

So I drew a few bluets.  And then I drew a few more.  Now I have five of them, sketched and rough-charted.  Slowly, I’m putting them into the charting program.  Two are done so far.


Again, the charting program can’t show a piece of cream-colored linen, and it doesn’t accurately portray the thread colors—the heart-shaped fruit will be a light green, not a brownish green—but this is enough to start with.  I can see a few leaves that need tweaking, and I might un-wiggly the stem on the right one, but overall, I think this says, “bluets” pretty well.

The flowers come in an assortment of shades, so there should be some nice variation.  I’ve tried to mix the greens up as well.  Of course, one could stitch all of them in the same colorway.