How Does Your (Wildflower) Garden Grow?

I’m nowhere near done charting plants, but I’ve already started thinking ahead about how I will use the designs. The current idea is to make a large, rectangular piece with all of the often-overlooked flowers one might find on a sandy roadside in spring. Future pieces might feature the showier things like bluebonnets and paintbrush, and so on.

Gerda did a number of pieces like this, putting together assemblages of wildflowers or “weeds” in designs like this:

Pin på Gerda Bengtsson Danskt broderi

(I actually have this kit!)

Since I changed charting programs, I’ve put all of my designs into one big file as well as saving them singly. This lets me keep track of what I’ve got, what the color balance is, whether things are staying at the same scale, etc. It looks like this:

There they all are! That’s not how I’d arrange them, of course. The software will let me move them around, put some behind others, etc. Right now the Gaura looks way too big, but I will be working on adding some more tall plants, so it won’t stick out so much in the final lineup.

Once I saw them all together, it was obvious that the bluets I began with were much too big, and so was the Golden Hedge Hyssop. They were the right size to play with one another, but too large to go in with the others. I spent a good long while making smaller versions of all four designs. Here are the two sets of bluets together:

Wherever size bluets are needed, I’ve got the bases covered.

Fun discovery: In looking for the Gerda photo up there, I Googled “Gerda Bengtsson weeds” and guess what was one of the images returned as a result?

Hee hee hee! I wonder if people will stumble into this little blog and have a look around?