Let’s Try Those Little Pony Feeties Again

It’s hard to draw flowers when your heart is full of stress and worry, but today was a little better than how the last crazy week has been, so I’ve given the Dichondra another go.

I looked back at my sketches, and actually had one with the leaves enlarged.  I charted them up and used them, plus the flowers from the smaller drawing.  This is the result:


It’s a little hard to envision that, just from a black and white grid that doesn’t screen-cap particularly well.  So here is how the flowers would look on that taupe.  (Not the color I’m going to use, but it makes a nice display on the computer.)


That’s not too bad.  The stem and that one tiny light leaf should stitch up more green and less yellow.   And you can’t really see it, but there are little purple anthers.

Hmm.  I think I need to go back and put in one more petal-color stitch at the bottom center of the fully open flower.  But I think I like it!

Wow.  That’s actually going to be a heck of a lot of stitching.  There are a lot of stitches in those leaves.

Here’s what it might look like over one:


That is just about right.  Compare:


And I think it looks Gerda-ish.  What do you think?

Not Neglecting, Just…Not Connecting

I’ve been working on other things, but I haven’t been entirely idle.  I’ve tried sketching a few more tiny things, but I’m just not feeling a “click.”

Remember our friend Scarlet Pimpernel?


I tried a sketch, and I don’t love it.  Even though the petals can be pointed, I think the shape is just wrong here.  I need rounded petals, and shorter flower stalks  Back, as they say, to the drawing board.

anagallis take one

I’ve had a little more luck with Ponysfoot, Dichondra carolinensis, which is in the morning glory family.  It’s mostly a weed here, though in other places it’s grown as a lawngrass substitute.  (It certainly would like to take over my lawn!)  The stems run along the ground and root at the nodes.  It has cute round leaves and teensy flowers that are whitish, pale green, or pale yellow.


Many people don’t know it has flowers at all, because you have to get down on their level to appreciate them.  Who wouldn’t like purple anthers?

I’m quite happy with the leaves and stem in the sketch below, but the flowers are… what?  Too large in proportion to the leaves, I think.


Time to blow up the leaves and shrink the flowers, hopefully meeting in the middle with something that says “chart me.”

They can’t all work on the first try!