Smelly-lotus, Take Two

The design has marinated and I’ve made some changes. Everywhere there was an obvious straight line, I crookeded it. I shortened a few leafstalks and the stalks of some of the leaflets. I made two of the flower spikes curve just a bit. I changed out the greens to a bluer set. It should say “background” better.

A stitched mock-up of the top:

The bee still looks wrong at this magnification. The backstitch lines are too thick. I softened the colors, shortened the body, drew the off hind leg properly/slightly shorter, and moved the pollen baskets up on the “thigh”. Finally, I gave the eye a little highlight, since this is seen in life and in photos. Bee eyes are shiny. (I drew the line at giving itrosy cheeks, but wouldn’t that be cute?)

In the actual needlework, I will probably need to adjust the colors of the wings to have enough contrast with the ground fabric without being so stark.