Absence Makes the Heart Go, “Wonder..?”

As in, wonder why I can’t muster up the enthusiasm to work much on charting lately? I’m busy, sure, but I’ve been busier before. I pondered, and it became clear that I just wasn’t happy with the last chart I posted, the Valerianella. I’ve been keeping an eye on the Valerianella that blooms (well, bloomed, past tense–they mowed this week : ( ) in the open area near the herbarium where I spend a lot of time.

Why didn’t my design look right? I wasn’t seeing the large bracts under the clusters of flowers that I had put into my design. Part of that is that I’ve been looking at V. radiata, not V. florifera, which may be more bract-y. I mean, I did work from photos of V. florifera.

I wondered what would happen if I made the bracts under the flower clusters smaller, made the space between the ultimate groups of flowers blank rather than green, and put in more white to make the groups appear more as they do in real life, at least on other species.

Here’s the result.

Compared to the previous version:

I should have done this a month ago.


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