What’s Better Than a Scarlet Pimpernel?

What’s better than a Scarlet Pimpernel? A BLUE one! Angallis arvensis has a blue form, which I was taught is the result of a change in one gene. The plants are identical to the typical salmon/grenadine-flowered type, except that the flowers are a stunning cobalt blue. The eye-ring is red or violet, and the eye is a very pale blue.

Image by Brian Urbain, who took Biology with me years ago.

Unlike the different colors of Bluets which have different habits and different flower shapes and sizes, the two different forms of Pimpernel can be stitched with the same basic chart, swapping out only the colors of thread. Again, actual thread colors will be a lot more true to life.

On white Aida:

Life-size, on the golden Aida or linen:

It would also be easy enough to mirror the designs to change it up a bit.

I’ve always fancied the blue form over the “scarlet.” They’re much rarer, the color is amazing, and finding one is a real treat. Might just have to stitch some onto something. Oh, and if you’ve a desire to grow a plant like this in your garden, Angallis monellii looks just like it and the flowers are an inch across!

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