Not My First Rodeo

It has been a while, but this isn’t my first foray into designing a cross stitch pattern of a Texas plant.  Several years ago, I designed and stitched Mentzelia reverchonii for friends who have a ranch in Uvalde County.  They hosted a group of botanists for a long weekend of plant collecting, good food, and laughter.  You can read about some of our adventures on this virtual field trip.

mentzeliaMentzelia reverchonii, Reverchon’s blazingstar, is a prickly-leaved member of the Loasaceae or Stickleaf family.  We collected the plant in bud just before dark on the banks of the Frio River.  When it came time to press the sample, we found that the flowers had opened in the collecting bag.  They looked like small, lemon-yellow suns.

I designed and stitched this amazing flower as a gift for my hosts.  It’s not a Gerda Bengtsson-type design.  The leaves are not shown flat, and there’s a lot of outlining.  But it turned out nicely and was well-received.  I only wish I could find the photo of the finished work!

Here is the chart.  I stitched it with the DMC thread colors noted and added lots of yellow stamens.


Almost like I knew what I was doing!

(You can read more about Reverchon here.)


One thought on “Not My First Rodeo

  1. It’s admirable for you to wish to emulate Gerda, but if truth be told, you are an artist in your own right, with your own vision and talent. Your beloved Brazos flowers would look splendid in your style, and years from now, folks will look at them and say “Oh, that’s a Monique…I recognize it”


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